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Composite Metal Decks

A New Level of Efficiency in Placing Elevated Decks.

Flexing of metal decks. Restraint of movement, which leads to cracking. Worker safety. These are only a few of the unique challenges that come when building composite metal decks. Fortunately, Novomesh® synthetic and steel blended fibers are uniquely suited to meet these challenges and can replace welded wire fabric in many projects.

Performance That Rises Above.

  • Uniform fiber distribution creates stronger, more durable concrete composites for unparalleled monolithic performance.

  • Synthetic fibers act as an internal support system that discourages the segregation of the concrete ingredients while adding tensile strain capacity to freshly placed concrete, minimizing plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracking.

  • As the concrete hardens, the evenly distributed steel fibers provide improved mechanical bonding capacity, exceeding most performance specifications for enhancing concrete’s flexural and shear strength, fatigue endurance, impact resistance, and ductility while providing drying shrinkage crack width control.

  • Reduces concrete cracking over structural support beams.

  • Fibermesh®, Novomesh, and Novocon® fiber products carry a UL® rating for building and fire code compliance: D700, D800 and D900 series decks.


  • Mezzanines

  • Shopping centers

  • Office buildings

  • Stadiums

  • Institutional/educational facilities

  • Elevated walkways

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