FIBERMESH | Steel Fibers
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Steel Fibers

Engineered for long-term performance and superior concrete crack control in demanding industrial applications, the NovoconĀ® line of steel concrete fibers is specifically designed ot enhance concrete and shotcrete in its hardened state. Industrial concrete floor slab systems are often required to perform under intense loading conditions, including point loads from rack legs and dynamic loading from vehicular traffic. The uniform distribution of steel fibers throughout the conrete mix transforms concrete into a more ductile composite material that increases the energy absorption capability, long-term durability and overall performance of the slab.

Additionally, it provides exceptional control of long-term drying shrinkage cracking and load stability at the floor joints, where it is most needed. Steel fiber reinforced shotcrete improves ductility, fracture toughness and energy absorption capacity. Fiber reinforced shotcrete has many benefits including greater homogene of the support structure, and simpler application logistics.