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Through innovation and quality, Propex Concrete Systems is a global leader in supplying fiber reinforced concrete to the construction and civil engineering markets. Key application areas for Propex Concrete Systems' concrete reinforcement products include residential, commercial, industrial floors, tunneling, mining, transportation, precast, and tilt-up panels.

Our broad range of concrete fiber reinforcement solutions include fibers made from polypropylene, steel, and nylon. We lead the market in both quality and selection of products for concrete reinforcement. Propex Concrete Systems has sales personnel or a distributor in every major country in the world.

By hiring professionals from our target markets and staffing our engineering support units with professional engineers, Propex Concrete Systems is able to offer a higher level of service. Propex Concrete Systems employs a staff of engineers who specialize in fiber reinforced concrete technology. The daily role of these engineers is to answer questions and provide slab design guidance.

Propex Concrete Systems' fiber reinforced concrete technology team is conducting ongoing research in addition to funding major research projects at select universities in an effort to develop innovative solutions for concrete reinforcement. One recent product of that research is Propex Concrete Systems' concrete fiber blends, which should be a key area of growth as it assumes its place in the market.

We understand that with market leadership comes responsibility to grow the industry through innovation. Our goal is to remain the innovative solutions source for the concrete industry.