FIBERMESH | National City Library
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National City Library

About This Project

When architects from the firm Carrier Johnson set out to find a flooring finish to complement their design for the new National City Library, their original choice was terrazzo for its durability and performance.Terrazzo turned out to be too expensive, but they still needed a finish that would offer “durability in a civic presence.” According to Byron Klemaske, vice president of T.B. Penick & Sons, High Definition (HD) Lithocrete® was a suitable cost alternative and would meet the 50-year design life of the project. HD Lithocrete is a T.B. Penick system that transforms regular lithocrete – and any other new or existing concrete – into a surface that is much harder and nearly impermeable. One step in the process is adding a microsynthetic fiber for secondary reinforcement. Klemaske chose Fibermesh® 150 micro-synthetic fibers from Sika Fibermesh because of its ability to add to the overall structural integrity of the lithocrete. The result is a durable surface that should serve its purpose well. The library won the 2005 AGC Build San Diego, Design-Build award.

Microsynthetic Fibers