FIBERMESH | Macrosynthetic Fibers
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Macrosynthetic Fibers

Our high performing polymer macro fibers offers the performance of steel fibers at lower dosage rates. The unique anchorage system of each macro synthetic fiber and the higher aspect ratio (length/diameter) allows for higher performance in the concrete matrix. The macro synthetic fibers infuse the concrete with added levels of toughness, energy absorption and durability. In addition, macro-synthetic fibers provide an added measure of crack control without the risk of corrosion associated with steel.

When used in shotcrete applications, these high-tech fibers provide increased adhesion, so you’ll not only experience less rebound and waste, you will be able to apply thicker layers of shotcrete in one pass.  Fiber reinforced shotcrete offers greater energy absorption, a more efficient rock section profile, improved ductility, fracture toughness and offers simpler application logistics. 



Fibermesh® 650, Macrosynthetic graded alloy polymer fiber featuring e3® patented technology.

Applications: Composite Metal Decking, Slab on Grade, Overlays/Toppings, Shotcrete, Exterior Pavements, Parking Areas


Fibermesh® 650S Macro-synthetic graded fiber featuring e3® patented technology as an alternative to steel and wire.

Applications: Sprayed Concrete, Slope Stabilization, Precast

Enduro 600

Enduro® 600

Enduro® 600 is the latest high performance macrosynthetic fiber developed from the innovative HPP technology.

Applications: Shotcrete, Precast, Slab on Grade, Channel Linings


ENDURO MIRAGETM (formerly ENDURO HPP) is the latest high performance macro-synthetic fiber developed from the innovative HPP technology which was pioneered and patented by Fibermesh. ENDURO MIRAGE has been specifically designed to reinforce a concrete slab on grade with great finishing characteristics.

Applications: Slab on ground, Precast, Pavement, Overlays, Decorative and Epoxy Coated Concrete